Welcome to Green Motors!

We are proud to be the first and only green auto company in the Monterey Bay area. We offer economically attractive transportation solutions to ecologically minded individuals.

We dont have what you want in stock!? If you have a car in mind and a price that you want to pay, then we can help make your wish a reality through our auto sourcing program.

We offer everything from electric/hybrid automobiles and scooters to biodiesel ready cars and trucks . We provide a diverse range of alternative transportation and high Mpg choices for those wishing to reduce their footprint on our planet.

 We will soon be offering a full line of svo/wvo conversions and home kits to help those who wish to be off the fossil fuel grid.

We believe that climate change is real and is the most serious problem we are going to face in our lifetime. We hope to share our solutions with a community that feels as we do.

Please call today to schedule a test drive or help finding what you desire.



Green Motors Santa Cruz



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